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Big Picture Broward, a community forum that appreciates thoughtful conversations, and respects progressive visions of the future. This is a place to learn, grow, share, and shape Broward County into the landscape of tomorrow.

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about us

Our mission is to encourage the future generation of leaders to invest in the development of downtown Fort Lauderdale, by building awareness of and pride in the city with positive news and local happenings. We look towards the future and we seek to inspire other forward-thinking individuals and groups to do the same. Let’s take action and get involved in the decisions that will ultimately shape this promising new landscape

the community

We are a community of thoughtful, engaged young professionals eager to guide the future of Broward County in the right direction. We love our home and take pride in the community that makes it so unique. We have a responsibility to educate our peers on important decisions being made, while sharing our perspective with elected officials so they, too, can envision our dream of what the future should be. We are the next generation of leaders.

Fort Lauderdale’s New Artistic Hub

The Future of FATVillage

A promise 20 years in the making

Fort Lauderdale Mythbusters

Traffic Congestion

Wind Tunnels


What’s myth? What’s reality?

C&I Studios Presents

June 20, 2020

South Florida’s

#1 Creative Talent Event

Live Models – Craft Cocktails – Art in Freeform

recent blogs

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The Future of FATVillage Looks Amazing

FATVillage was founded on a promise that has been 20 years in the making. Guess what? We're starting to see that promise come to life. Watch the video!
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RECAP: GSA Meeting on February 18, 2020

The public input meeting regarding the One-Stop-Shop in Fort Lauderdale was a great success. The community defended the parcel at 301 N. Andrews Avenue and called for the creation...
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How Did Fort Lauderdale Earn The Nickname, “The Venice of America?”

Fort Lauderdale shares more in common with our European counterparts than canals. Read our blog to learn why our lifestyles are so similar to those living in Venice.
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