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What do you think our city needs: a beautiful community park or a new Federal courthouse?

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If you agree that the city-owned land known locally as the ‘One Stop Shop’ should be transformed into a city park, then click here. Below is an email template you may use to email your City Commissioners in a show of support.

What will the Fort Lauderdale City Commission do with the One Stop Shop?

There has been a lot of discussion regarding what to do with the vacant real estate known locally as the ‘One Stop Shop.’

Located east of the railroad tracks just off Andrews Avenue and NW 2nd Street, this valuable piece of real estate that borders Flagler Village in downtown Fort Lauderdale makes the ideal welcoming mat for Brightline passengers, Flagler Village residents and pedestrians alike.

So, what exactly should the people of Fort Lauderdale do with this jewel?

Though the Fort Lauderdale City Commission will decide the fate of the One Stop Shop, it is our responsibility as citizens to guide them towards the best decision; a decision that will benefit the community and improve the quality of life for those who live here.

As part of a developing downtown, it is important that city planners balance architecture with public green spaces. And, given that the One Stop Shop is literally the last significant downtown city-owned parcel that could be used for a beautiful city park, we believe it is the responsibility of the City Commission to protect this natural asset, and not squander such a valuable resource on brick and mortar.

The existing Federal Courthouse is located on Broward Blvd. and NE 3rd Avenue. It is a draw for lawyers and clients, court reporters and judges. Therefore, shouldn’t a new Federal Courthouse building be a part of the judicial district on the south side of the New River, within walking distance of the Broward County Courthouse? This would make much more sense than placing it in the heart of our downtown neighborhoods.

It is incumbent upon our community leaders to deliver a suitable site for the Federal Courthouse and save our city property for the good of the community.

Keep reading to learn more about why the One Stop Shop in Flagler Village would make the ideal community park.

What will the Fort Lauderdale City Commission do with the One Stop Shop?
The One Stop Shop already exists as an "open canvas community project." Since declaring it as such, the community has banned together to beautify the space with amazing street art.
What will the Fort Lauderdale City Commission do with the One Stop Shop?
The contrast of healthy foliage and colorful street art is a big draw to pedestrians, locals, and visitors. Wynwood Miami is a great example of the power of compelling street art and how it brings value to a community.

The benefits of converting the One Stop Shop into a city park.

Quality green space is an essential piece of any growing urban landscape. It provides families and residents a communal place of gathering, which is directly linked to improved quality of life. Studies show that spending just 20 minutes in a city park, whether exercising or relaxing, greatly improves one’s mental health and overall well being. These positive effects are even more beneficial to young people, as outdoor activity and recreation in public parks reduce the risk for mental health conditions such as depression.

A city park in replace of the One Stop Shop will also be a beautiful welcoming mat to Brightline passengers. This will encourage pedestrian movement to and from Flagler Village and the FATVillage arts district. And with the ongoing FATVillage art walk on the last Saturday of the month, this space would be even more valuable, as it would create a safer pedestrian connection between Flagler Village, downtown Fort Lauderdale, and neighboring residences.

Furthermore, with quality green space in proximity to neighboring residential complexes, new businesses will come to the area. With increased access to community amenities such as coffee shops, retail, restaurants and so on, Flagler Village will become another outstanding centerpiece to Fort Lauderdale’s improved landscape.


With the approval of the recent $200 million Fort Lauderdale Parks Bonds, the ability to transform this space into a community park is more available than ever before. Not only will a city park enhance the livability of Flagler Village and the surrounding neighborhoods, but it will also attract businesses to the area and connect core parts of the downtown sphere via safe and walkable routes.

What will the Fort Lauderdale City Commission do with the One Stop Shop?
Picture a pavilion with picnic benches and other communal lounge spaces for families, Flagler Village residents, and Brightline passengers to enjoy.

Contact your city commissioners.

Green space is what our city needs and it is not something we can get back once it is taken away from us. We need to encourage the City Commission to maintain this jewel in the hands of the people. Over the years, a community park will generate more value to the locals and add to the tropical beauty that is Fort Lauderdale.

We urge you to email your City Commissioners to show them that the majority of the citizens desire this city-owned property be transformed into a city park. Below is a template that you can copy and past or adapt into a personal email. This will only take a minute of your time but will have lasting effects on our community and the happiness of our children.


To the Fort Lauderdale City Commission,

I am a Fort Lauderdale local and avid proponent of beautifying our city. There has been recent discussion regarding the future of the ‘One Stop Shop’ on Andrews Avenue in Flagler Village, and I feel it is my responsibility to urge you all to consider dedicating the property for the purpose of enhancing our quality of life. A brand new city park in that location will have lasting, positive effects on downtown and become a great addition to Flagler Village.

This is a large and significant remaining green space in the downtown core and is essential for balancing architecture with nature. As the elected leaders of our great city, it should be your duty to protect our natural resources for the enjoyment of our citizens.

Thank you for your time.

— A Concerned Citizen