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The Best Breweries of Fort Lauderdale [our top 3]

Once upon a time, Funky Buddha Brewery was the highlight of the craft beer scene in Broward County. It stood as a leader in the industry and paved the way for a vibrant community of craft beer enthusiasts.

Funky Buddha sparked a craft beer movement that has since progressed through local businesses and Fort Lauderdale natives. And though it was bought by a larger entity, Funky Buddha’s mark can still be seen in the cool new breweries that carry on the legacy of creativity and independence via delicious beer.

Here are our 3 favorite breweries in Fort Lauderdale:

Invasive Species - Best Breweries of Fort Lauderdale
photo credit to @camillejane_

#1 – Invasive Species Brewing

Invasive Species is one of the newest breweries in Fort Lauderdale. It opened in 2017 in the MASS District, and has claimed the area since (as any true invasive species would). Invasive Species Brewery was founded by four Fort Lauderdale Natives:

Jordan and Chris Bellus, brothers and founders of Laser Wolf Craft Beer; Josh Levitt, a previous brewer at MIA Brewing, and Phil Gillis, a former brewer for Funky Buddha and Copperpoint Brewing, and a graduate from Siebel Brewing Institute.

Invasive Species Brewing does not mass distribute their beers, which gives them the freedom to explore the ideas and flavors they are passionate about. Their motto: “We strive to make both traditional and progressive beers that are well thought out and exhibit balance, flavor and a sense of place.” 

They have an expert approach to New England Style IPAs and brew with unique ingredients (like lemongrass) to deliver on favorable summer brews. The brewers at Invasive Species Brewing cherish the freedom to explore bold recipes and unique flavors, so expect to see a lot of new, exciting beers this summer.

726 NE 2nd Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

(754) 666-2687

Tarpon River Brewing - Best Breweries of Fort Lauderdale
photo by Tarpon River Brewing

#2 – Tarpon River Brewing

Tarpon River Brewing opened its doors earlier this year, inviting the community to gather around good beer and delicious pub food in the Riverwalk Area of Fort Lauderdale. Tarpon River Brewing was founded by the same minds who thought up Riverside Market. This is a beer-inspired eatery and event space” that is open to the whole family. 

The menu at Tarpon River Brewing is a treat for beer lovers and foodies alike. From snacks like Giant Pretzels and Falafels, to sandwiches like their signature PB&J Burger, and glorious indulgences like the IPA Mac n Cheese, there’s a food/beer combo for every palate. The real prize is the beer, though… the food is just an added bonus. 🙂

During your next visit, try their Honey Love Imperial Cream Ale (9.5% abv) with added Blackberry and Vanilla. Their motto, “Brew Against the Current” shines in this one of a kind brew. 

280 SW 6th Street 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

(954) 353-3193

photo by LauderAle Brewery

#3 – LauderAle Brewing

LauderAle Brewing (founded in 2013 as the first nano-brewery of Fort Lauderdale) has been a highlight of the beer circuit in Fort Lauderdale since it’s opening. LauderAle is backyard brewing at its finest and has rightfully earned it’s spot in our list of top 3 breweries. LauderAle is tucked away in the Port Everglades area, which really connects the guests with fresh, tropical vibes. We like to think the scenery influences their recipes, like in their delicious Coconut Porter (which you definitely must enjoy during your next visit).

LauderAle Brewing has come a long way since their inauguration. They have expanded form a 5 gallon bucket (backyard brewing, baby) to brewing over 80 barrels of delicious beer every month. And now their recipes are sold in local restaurants and bars throughout Fort Lauderdale. They work from a three vessel electric fired, three-barelled brewing system… confused? Not to worry, LauderAle Brewing offers complimentary public tours to anyone eager to enhance their knowledge of the brewing practice. 

Whether you stop in for a tour, or some live music on Friday or Saturday night, you will be surrounded by good company (dogs included) and a great selection of beers. 

3305 SE 14th Ave

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

(954) 653-9711