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RECAP: GSA Meeting on February 18, 2020

The public input meeting regarding the One-Stop-Shop in Fort Lauderdale was a great success. The community defended the parcel at 301 N. Andrews Avenue and called for the creation of a community park instead of a federal courthouse.

How Did Fort Lauderdale Earn The Nickname, “The Venice of America?”

Fort Lauderdale shares more in common with our European counterparts than canals. Read our blog to learn why our lifestyles are so similar to those living in Venice.

The Facts You Should Know About Fort Lauderdale’s Infrastructure

We are knee-deep in crap! And, no, we aren’t talking about the sewage spill in Rio Vista. We’re referring to the fake news and false information being spread as a result of the sewage break.

How And Where To Support Local Businesses on Black Friday

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consider taking your holiday shopping to these boutiques, vendors, and small businesses that are unique to Fort Lauderdale.

3 Ways To Give Back To Your Community

To properly conclude 2019, we are sharing 3 ways that you can give back to others.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale’s Best Bars, Restaurants, and Cultural Centers [According to the locals]

We’ve checked the online reviews, listened to the word of mouth recommendations, and respected the social media shoutouts. According to the locals, these are the best bars, restaurants, and cultural centers in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Mythbusters

We’ve been listening to complaints regarding high-rise development, which have been addressed to our downtown civic association and couldn’t help but set the record straight.

3 Videos That Capture the Culture, Energy, and Lifestyle of Fort Lauderdale

Watch these 3 videos to see what Fort Lauderdale is truly like!

How FATVillage Arts District Is Shaping The Future Of Fort Lauderdale

We want to help FATVillage evolve into the place it should be. A place that is attractive to creative businesses while maintaining the artists who made us a well-known destination.

Hurricane Safety Tips for Resident Living in High-Rises

This article focuses on two living space situations common in Fort Lauderdale today: 1) Living in a high-rise building, and 2) Living in proximity to ongoing construction

Virgin Trains is Connecting Florida’s Most Visited Cities with Speed, Convenience, and Comfort

Virgin Trains is connecting Fort Lauderdale to Orlando via high-speed rail. By 2022, Florida residents will be able to travel to our state’s most vibrant cities without setting foot in a car.

Having a Vision for Future Generations

Downtown development is good for the environment. With an ever-growing world, managing our population requires visionary planning and change.

Father’s Day Events In Fort Lauderdale

There’s no better way to show Dad how much you love him than by treating him to a fun outing in Fort Lauderdale. Below are some great options for your Father’s Day celebration this Sunday.

A Call To Action For The Fort Lauderdale City Commission

There has been a lot of discussion regarding what to do with the vacant real estate known locally as the ‘One Stop Shop.’ We believe it should be given to the community to be developed as a city park.

Earth Month 2019

April 2019 is the 49th anniversary of Earth Month and people from all over the world are playing their part to clean up waste and beautify their local areas.

Fort Lauderdale: A Story In Progress

On Tuesday, April 9th from 7 PM – 9 PM, we are hosting Tim Petrillo, Alan Hooper, Robert Lochrie III, and Steve Hudson for a Q&A to discuss their early business ventures and the future of development in Fort Lauderdale.

Get The Facts. Know The Vote.

Get The Facts. Know The Vote. Fort Lauderdale Parks Bond and Public Safety Bond

Spring Break Tips For Fort Lauderdale Locals

We reached out to FTL natives and members of the BPB community to compile a list of the best Spring Break tips for Fort Lauderdale locals.

The Importance of Voting YES on March 12

On March 12, 2019, Fort Lauderdale voters will be asked to vote in favor of a Parks Bond designed to fund our parks system for the next 30 years.

The Fort Lauderdale Parks Bond

With all the residential and commercial development in Fort Lauderdale it is sensible to balance our building boom with green spaces. This holds especially true for Flagler Village — Fort Lauderdale’s burgeoning vertical community.

One Penny = No Traffic

On November 6th, you will have a chance to vote to help preserve our quality life through a one-penny increase on sales tax county-wide.

Amendment 2, Limitations on Property Tax Assessments

Voting YES on Amendment 2 protects taxpayers from large, sudden increases in property taxes in the future when the value of properties rises in boom years. This serves to benefit all of Broward County, just as voting YES on the Penny Sales Tax question aims to.

Don’t confuse Historic Designation with Historic Preservation

While Historic Preservation is a good thing, Historic Designation has a downside. At its core is taking private property rights from property owners with or without their consent or recompense and giving those rights to the state.

See You At The 4th Annual G&B Oyster Fest 🙂

The 4th Annual Oyster Fest starts Friday, October 5th at 6:30 pm with a 5-course dinner and beer pairing at Top Hat Deli in Flagler Village. The main event is Friday, October 19, from 6 pm – 10 pm in the parking lot of Coconuts and G&B Oyster Bar.

Lunch Atop A Skyscraper, Anyone?

**UPDATE** It was so great meeting and speaking with some many engaged members of our community. We had tons of fun at the FATVillage Artwalk and wanted to share some of the pictures we took during the event. Creating impactful change is easy . . . [when you have the right group of friends] Earlier [...]

Why the City Commission is taking money away from park maintenance.

On August 28, 2018, the Sun Sentinel reported on the City Commission’s plans to cut $5.1 million from services allocated for essential city services and maintenance.

Broward voters should know the BIG question on the upcoming November 6 ballot

This article informs on the benefits of generating an estimated $16 billion for transportation and infrastructure over a 30-year period by increasing Broward County’s sales tax by one penny. If you live, work, or socialize in Broward County then you should know how great this surtax will improve your quality of life.

Fort Lauderdale city planners have a rare opportunity to shape the e-commerce boom

This new wave of downtown development is giving Fort Lauderdale city planners a rare opportunity to create functional, new-age systems that will cater to the e-commerce shopping boom.

Fort Lauderdale’s Restaurant Renaissance

Already, there are more than 35 restaurants and bars on Las Olas to choose from. That’s really impressive, especially because no themes or menus are repeated. You can literally have lunch and dinner 7 days a week and never eat the same meal twice.

Do yourself a favor, add Township to your dining routine

Township is a beer-garden style restaurant and bar featuring a comprehensive beer selection of 55 craft beers (domestic and imported) on 72 taps, and innovative urban street-fare.

We need a permanent housing solution for the Fort Lauderdale Homeless Community

Fort Lauderdale has certain challenges to overcome in order to continue growing the downtown sphere. One of them is the displaced homeless community roaming the streets.

Affordable Housing in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Broward County needs to accommodate and embrace the new generation of young, affluent workers by providing more options for affordable middle-income housing in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Inclusionary Zoning is Not the Solution for Affordable Housing

The latest discussion surrounding downtown development has been Inclusionary Zoning in Affordable Housing.

Why you should care about Downtown Development

At Big Picture Broward, we define the “big picture” as progress through thoughtful, innovative urban development. That means, there will always be a bigger picture (which is a good thing). Every urban landscape must evolve to meet the needs and lifestyles of the current (most active) generation.

What’s next for mass public transportation?

The Wave Streetcar may not have been the perfect solution for our city. But that only means we have to keep planning and assessing until the best one presents itself. Our strategies for tri-county interconnectivity, economic growth, urban development and traffic congestion will depend on the way our county designs our newest public transportation installation.

Best Breweries of Fort Lauderdale

Funky Buddha sparked a craft beer movement that has since progressed through local businesses and Fort Lauderdale natives. Here are our 3 favorite breweries in Fort Lauderdale:

Taco Tuesday Town Hall [Community Forum]

On February 27th, 2018 we partnered with C&I Studios to host our first ever Taco Tuesday Town Hall Event. We invited the Fort Lauderdale city commissioners to join us for free tacos and beer, and a night of thoughtful discussion.