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Fort Lauderdale: A Story In Progress

Exclusive Q&A Event with Fort Lauderdale’s Leading Entrepreneurs.

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Free Business Event In Fort Lauderdale

Our city is changing. For the better. And as planned.

All of the positive growth in recent years has transformed Fort Lauderdale into one of the most attractive destinations in South Florida, according to several destination websites in the US.

With the success of the recent Fort Lauderdale Public Safety Bond and Parks Bond, we can also expect some added quality of life support systems as growth continues.

To gain perspective on what our city is capable of becoming, we must look to the past to learn from where it started. Over the last several decades, community leaders discussed, met, and planned for the future to create what many now call home.

For those who are new to Fort Lauderdale, it wasn’t that long ago that Fort Lauderdale was a place designed for retirees and for college kids to spend their spring break. You could count the number of quality restaurants or fun night spots on one hand. For the young professional wanting to start a career or a place to put down roots, Atlanta, New York, and LA were much easier choices.

Except for its fantastic weather, Downtown Fort Lauderdale had very little going on. It was dying and in need of life support.

In Broward County, suburban sprawl was on fire, while downtown was lifeless. In the early 1980’s only one high rise office tower made up the skyline and no one lived in Downtown, no one studied in Downtown, no one went to Broadway shows, no one went to world-class museums, and no one dined or enjoyed a beer in Downtown.

Flagler Village was deteriorated and blighted. Drug deals, prostitution, and crime ruled the landscape.

Free Business Event In Fort Lauderdale
FATVillage has emerged as one of the newest and most stimulated hubs for the arts in Fort Lauderdale.

Fortunately, a driven group of entrepreneurs who grew up and started their careers in Fort Lauderdale acted on their vision.

There was a concerted effort to bring many of the things that made other places great, so Fort Lauderdale and specifically Downtown would be attractive to young people who might choose to stay and participate in a renewed lifestyle and create a thriving cultural scene for the area.

Several of those visionaries are:

  • Tim Petrillo – Co-Founder & CEO, The Restaurant People
  • Alan Hooper – Founder & President, Hooper Construction
  • Robert Lochrie III – Partner, Lochrie & Chakras PA
  • Steve Hudson – President, Hudson Capital Group

20 years ago Fort Lauderdale was in serious need of a makeover.

It was an incremental process that included many of the usual suspects meeting and discussing ways to effectuate positive growth. To create a downtown and beaches that would be one day described as “world class.”

Transformation required a lot of planning, investing and progressive thinking.

These guys did not want to develop Fort Lauderdale for the sake of development or money. They were driven by delivering things what would make Fort Lauderdale fun to live in.

They wanted to make their hometown a place that other people would want to live, visit, work, and play. It was driven by a desire to broaden the quality of life for everyone.

Free Business Event In Fort Lauderdale

That was the turning point.

It is why people want to move here. It is a place that is finally centered around culture, lifestyle, the arts and shared public spaces.

It is why people from all over the world are traveling to Fort Lauderdale and why people from all over the U.S. are migrating here every year.

Join us for our exclusive Q&A event – Fort Lauderdale: A Story In Progress

On Tuesday, April 9th from 7 PM – 9 PM, we are hosting Tim Petrillo, Alan Hooper, Robert Lochrie III, and Steve Hudson for a Q&A to discuss their early business ventures and the future of development in Fort Lauderdale.

It doesn’t matter if you are a realtor, brewer, mural artist, restauranteur, entrepreneur, tech startup, lawyer or anything in between. This is a chance to learn from the guys who have been where you are and have invested their careers into growing downtown businesses and integrating diversity and culture in various ways.

Why is this information so valuable?

First, with all of the changes taking place in downtown Fort Lauderdale and beyond, there comes an opportunity for established and emerging professionals to participate. Learning from those who have “been in your shoes,” is a great starting point.

Secondly, if we are to continue this trend of positive urbanization, young locals need to participate in their future to fulfill a vision that benefits everyone living and working in Broward County. The vision that our panel has acted on, and has proven to benefit everyone, so let’s improve upon that!

Fort Lauderdale: A Story In Progress is a rare opportunity to gain first-hand insights on the history of Fort Lauderdale and how collective decisions gradually initiated a new era of positive change and policy making.

Our panel will also share insights on upcoming ventures and opportunities that will further shape our landscape, so if you have intentions of taking action to make an impact in your community, you won’t want to miss this!

Free Business Event In Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale: A Story In Progress

Event: Networking / Q&A Panel

Date: Tuesday, April 9th from 7 PM – 9 PM

Location: C&I Studios, 541 NW 1st Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Price: FREE

Free Food provided by local vendors. Craft beer and cocktails available from Next Door at C&I.

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