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Vote yes on the one-penny sales tax to help move people county-wide and preserve a better quality of life.

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Penny Sales Tax Question November 6 Ballot

Broward is in the center of a mega-region. 

Millions of vehicles (many who are not county residents) cross our borders and impact or streets. With 20,000 people moving to Broward annually, our transportation problems are getting worse on a daily basis. Significant public investments are essential to creating a tolerable commute that is quickly evolving into gridlock. 

County-wide mobility is a maze of issues that require serious and immediate attention by people who have invested whole careers managing and studying land planning and transportation solutions.

Broward County has a comprehensive 30-year, multi-billion dollar mobility plan for more efficient roads, synchronized lights, and a variety of rapid public transit options. A plan like this is critical to alleviate our time spent commuting and to maximize our time living. 

It’s a plan that considers sequential planning and incremental implementation that will evolve over the next 30-years along with technology and the open market. Dedicated transportation funding is essential in dealing with an array of unforeseen issues in the future. Just ask the counties to the north and south who have already implemented similar plans.

Penny Sales Tax Question November 6 Ballot
Penny Sales Tax Question November 6 Ballot

How do we pay for all of this? 

On November 6th, you will have a chance to vote to help preserve our quality life through a one-penny increase in sales tax county-wide. Why an increase in sales tax? Because, it is estimated that the tourists, who crowd our roads every winter and shop in our stores, will help share in up to 30% of the cost through their many purchases while on vacation.

Beyond people moving, a plan like this has other positive effects on our everyday lives. These are things that are directly aligned with our community priorities. 

Attracting New Businesses & Attaining High Paying Jobs: Technology and other up and coming businesses look to attract and retain young workforce talent by locating offices within alluring cities that have the whole package. This includes a vibrant downtown with great amenities (like our beaches) and workforce housing stock that is connected via good transportation systems. 

Penny Sales Tax Question November 6 Ballot
Penny Sales Tax Question November 6 Ballot

Cost of Living  

A key component for affordability is reducing the cost to commute to and from work. As defined in the County’s plan, we need to locate linear rapid transit systems along planned corridors of housing and into employment centers. Removing the monthly cost of commuting in a car has a positive impact on the average worker’s cost of living, while also reducing traffic.

Broward County is moving forward with this campaign. We must support their efforts and urge our neighbors to vote yes. If we allow the surtax to fail, then at some point (in the not so distant future), the gridlock will get so bad that it will fall on the county’s general budget to fix the problem. And then the tourists get a pass.