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Spring Break Tips For Fort Lauderdale The Locals

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Spring Break Tips For Fort Lauderdale Locals

Did you know that Fort Lauderdale is the nation’s 2nd most popular spring break destination?

Before you assume our neighbor to the South took the cake at #1, think again. Miami actually came in at #8.

Can you guess which city ranks numero uno? Hint: it’s the happiest place on earth…

Following the famous 1960s film “Where The Boys Are,” Fort Lauderdale earned a reputation as a college student spring break hotspot. However, today—some 49 years later—the month of March attracts a much more diverse, family-focused group of vacationers.

It is still expected that thousands of families and vacationers will be hitting our shores throughout the month of March, but…now that the days of the rowdy college masses have come to a close, us locals can come out to play, too.

We reached out to FTL natives and members of the BPB community to compile a list of the best Spring Break tips for Fort Lauderdale locals.

That way, we can all get the most fun out of March 2019.

Here are the top spring break tips by the locals for the locals

[below are the best tips for navigating Fort Lauderdale, enjoying the best of our beaches, and getting the most out of your dining experiences.]
Spring Break Tips For Fort Lauderdale Locals

Spring Break Tip #1  — Drawbridge Schedules

First things first, you and every person in town will be flocking to Fort Lauderdale beach. It’s best to know the drawbridge schedule at the 3 main access points so you don’t end up stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic as the sun gradually dips below the horizon.

Sunrise Blvd.—The drawbridge opens on the hour and half-hour. On the first weekend in May, the draw need not open from 4 PM to 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Las Olas Blvd.—The drawbridge opens on the quarter-hour and three-quarter hour. On the first weekend in May, the draw need not open from 4 PM to 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

SE 17th St. Causeway Bridge—The draw shall open on the hour and half-hour.

Spring Break Tips For Fort Lauderdale Locals

Spring Break Tip #2 — Travel by Scooter

Look around any street corner and what will you find? That’s right, Lime, Bird, and Bolt scooters.

Now, the last thing you want to do when scootering to the beach is to ride down a busy road like Federal Hwy., Broward Blvd, and Sunrise Blvd. There are much safer [and more scenic] roads to travel.

PRO TIP: If you do choose to ride down one of these busy streets, however, remember that you are allowed to ride on the sidewalk just so long as you yield to pedestrians.

Anyway, after speaking with all of our seasoned scooter enthusiasts, we reached a conclusion on the best [and safest] routes to take to the beach. By the way, these routes are family friendly in most situations. They are safe for young teens so long as they are accompanied by an adult. Just be sure you ride on the right side of the road and obey traffic laws at all times. 🙂

Word of advice: if you have been drinking, order an Uber instead. The beach isn’t so enjoyable with scraped elbows and knees. Or a DUI for that matter! That’s right, drinking and scootering don’t mix in the eyes of the law—doing so, can get you in serious trouble. So probably best to avoid.

UPDATE from the City of Fort Lauderdale: From March 1st – April 7th the following scooter services will be prohibited from crossing beach access bridges. The following routes are still recommended, however, you will need to park your scooter on the sidewalk before the bridge and walk over to the beach.

#1 — Victoria Park: The Best Route To The Beach Via Las Olas

You won’t find a more beautiful neighborhood anywhere in Fort Lauderdale. Every road is abundant with bright, multi-colored Florida foliage, quaint historic houses, and modern architecture. The blend of new and old truly showcases Fort Lauderdale’s rich history and our promising future. Not to mention, every passerby is super nice. Which reminds us, our BPB community agreed there is one rule if you choose to ride through Victoria Park: that you must smile and wave to fellow travelers. 🙂

If you are traveling from west of Federal Highway, cut through Holiday Park for easy access and smooth riding. Fewer cars and more sights are a scooterist’s best friend.

#2 — Coral Ridge: The Best Route To The Beach Via Sunrise Blvd.

Are you traveling North of Sunrise Blvd.? Rent a scooter and buzz through the lovely neighborhood of Coral Ridge. If you’re taking this route to the beach there are a few fantastic local spots to hit before you reach the sand. Grab an organic lunch or freshly squeezed juice from Maya Papaya [right across from Galleria Mall]. Or stop off at Birch State Park for a ride along the intercostal. There is an access tunnel right inside Birch State Park that goes under A1A and leads right to the beach.

Spring Break Tips For Fort Lauderdale Locals

#3 — Rio Vista: The Best Route To The Beach Via 17th Street Causeway

If you are beach-bound via 17th Street Causeway then the neighborhood of Rio Vista is the way to travel. If you are going at your leisure and have time to spare, we highly recommend some sight-seeing. Tucked beneath the Rio Vista canopies are some of the most beautiful [and massive] houses in Fort Lauderdale.

Before you cross the drawbridge hit up Laspadas Original Hoagies—a true local favorite.

Spring Break Tips For Fort Lauderdale Locals

If you are cutting through Rio Vista on your way to the beach via 17th Street Causeway, keep reading!

Below you’ll find details on a hidden stretch of beach only the locals know about.

Spring Break Tips For Fort Lauderdale Locals

Spring Break Tip #3 — Fort Lauderdale’s Best Kept Secret

If you have never enjoyed a day at the Fort Lauderdale Jetties add it to your Spring Break list.

Being at the jetties is like having a private beach all to yourself.

Not only does the coastline stretch on and on, but it is also one of the widest sections of beach in Fort Lauderdale, making it perfect for an afternoon game of beach volleyball or soccer.

If you want a quiet spot to enjoy Spring Break, you won’t find a better place. The Jetties is perfect for families who want to get away from the crowds gathering on Las Olas. It’s no wonder BREW Urban Cafe cited it on their top 6 spots to visit in Fort Lauderdale.

Spring Break Tips For Fort Lauderdale Locals
Spring Break Tips For Fort Lauderdale Locals

Spring Break Tip #4 — Where To Eat

Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale also means that some of our favorite local restaurants and bars are overcrowded to the extreme. The famous waterside restaurant, Coconuts, gets up to a 2-3 hour wait. That’s just crazy!

Here are a few local spots to check out during Spring Break if you want to avoid the swarms of vacationers.

#1 — Boatyard

If you’re leaving Fort Lauderdale beach or heading to the jetties for a sunset stroll, Boatyard is the place for you. Our favorite part of dining at Boatyard is the a-la-carte selection of fresh seafood they wheel around the restaurant all night. You really won’t find that any place else in the area.

#2 — Java & Jam

Located on Las Olas, this newest dining concept by The Restaurant People is ideal for a bite before or after hitting the beach. These guys know Fort Lauderdale best, so you can trust this will become a local favorite before you know it.

#3 — Top Hat Deli

It’s a little further inland [just across the street from the new Dalmar Hotel], but it is one of the best lunch/breakfast spots in town. Word of advice: their plate of hotdogs is crave-worthy.

#4 — Shuck N’ Dive

What’s spring break without a plate of New Orleans style fried shrimp or a crawfish boil? Straight out of Louisiana, this local favorite is our native destination for Cajun cuisine. Yes, they’re dog-friendly on the patio, so be sure to bring the whole family. 🙂

#5 – Lauderdale By The Sea

The perfect place for some Spring Break shopping and fresh seafood.

If you are interested in Spring Break advice in real time, be sure to follow Post Up Fort Lauderdale on Facebook.

This is where us locals share daily adventures and insights on where to grab a drink or a bite to eat. Also, be sure to follow Broward Police Department on social media for live safety updates throughout the month of March.