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Township - a concept by The Restaurant People

Township fills a void in downtown Fort Lauderdale’s dining-and-drinking scene

[the new concept by The Restaurant People]

We have to tip our hat to these guys. It seems like every month The Restaurant People are inviting our community to enjoy innovative, delicious culinary experiences. These guys, Director of Operations Aaron Abramoff, CEO Tim Petrillo, Culinary Director Peter Boulukos, and Construction Development Director Alan Hooper — have been adding creative community amenities to Fort Lauderdale’s growing culture since 1997.

From upscale dining experiences like Boatyard and TRP Taste to the social bar scene of YOLO and Rooftop, The Restaurant People have consistently delivered.

With that said, it’s no surprise that Township has been added to our weekly dining routine. We say “weekly” and not “nightlife” or “social” because Township offers more than one, or two, or even three reasons to visit.

“For the Table, by the People.”

Honestly, truer words have never been spoken. Township answers multiple community needs in a really fun way.

So, what is Township, anyway?

In short, it is a beer-garden style restaurant and bar featuring a comprehensive beer selection of 55 craft beers (domestic and imported) on 72 taps, and innovative urban street-fare.

To really see how Township enhances the landscape, however, we had to look past the surface. So we strapped on our lederhosen and took to the bar.

Township - a new dining concept by the Restaurant People

We parked downtown and walked south down Andrews Avenue until we arrived at Township.

The patio was lively with a mix of families and Sunday bar-crawlers socializing over corn-hole, ping-pong, and giant Jenga.

We entered through the patio. There was a cozy lounge space with outdoor chairs and sofas, and a ten-seater bar that was perfect for small bites and drinks. What grabbed our attention, however, was just beyond that room — a huge round-about bar stacked with flat-screen televisions, surrounded by cushioned booths overlooking an open kitchen concept, and filled with locals eating, drinking, coming and going.

Everyone was having a great time so we made our entrance there.


“Barkeep, two pints, please.”

“Why not make it a liter,” she replies.

“Excuse us?” we ask, slightly taken aback before confirming two liters of Tarpon River Deflated NE IPA.

**end reenactment**

Shocking right? Township is most known for serving up expertly crafted brews in their signature one-liter glass beer steins. One quick survey of the bar and we noticed nearly everyone was drinking a liter, so we joined in the festivities.

Township - a new concept by The Restaurant People

A good start for any dining experience. And for only $14… kind of a no-brainer. 

While enjoying our brews we explored the area a little more. Just beyond the big round-about bar is an open community space lined with long wooden tables and benches facing three projector screens on the south wall. There was private event space in the back and a few arcade games beside that.

Once we had downed our first liter of beer it was time to eat.

We ordered the TWP fries with cheese curds to start, a spicy chicken and slaw sandwich (a Tarpon Bend throwback) and a double cheeseburger because, why not?

The food was great. You can really gauge a restaurant on their french fry cooking talents, and, well, Township passed the test with ease. They serve their sandwiches with a side of fries in a tin container so they stay warm and crispy no matter how long it takes you to finish your liter of beer.

For a new restaurant, Township has perfectly functional systems in place, partly due to another Tarpon Bend incorporation: their staff. Just another way The Restaurant People put community first.

Township has a sister restaurant in Tallahassee that is wildly popular among Florida State students, alumni and faculty. Surely, that prompted the establishment of Township in downtown Fort Lauderdale as the third and final component of the dining-and-drinking block.

The cool part about all this, though, is that The Restaurant People managed to do this in a way that keeps the two establishments unique to their landscape and communities. Because of that, we can confidently say that the best part of the Township addition is, without a doubt, the preservation of longstanding community favorites in a fresh, new concept.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Township, put it at the top of your list… especially on those days when you just need a liter of ice-cold beer to unwind after a long day’s work.

Township - a new concept by The Restaurant People